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Post  Hellester on Sat Apr 26, 2014 11:00 pm

Ingame Name: Hellester

Highest BO: 120

How long you have been playing: 2-3 years, I started on the Kaiser server when it was very slow and about three months later they merged it with Nebraska


Do you Have TeamSpeak and Mic:yes

Will you use Teamspeak:yes

What is your playstyle: I watch the whole field.  I take care of business where I'm at (unless there is an immediate need like south/north is lost) and then shift where needed.  I am aggressive or reserved based on the situation.  I look at the enemy team before we start and shift accordingly.

Tell us a little about yourself: I work as an avionics technician and play when I get a chance, which is much less now a days (a couple hours a day throughout the week and 3-6 hours on weekend days).  I've been looking for a respectable fleet that isn't the latest crave.  I have much respect for GenHex,  I like the logo, the name, the mantra, and would love to represent this fleet.

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